Thursday, 10 May 2007


It seems that Iraq isn't the only country that is getting sick of American Military presence.
Collateral Disasters

While Afghanistan hasn't been nearly the PR disaster for the West that Iraq has, there have been several interesting developments there.

For instance, it is estimated that Afghanistan produced 6,100 tonnes of Opium in 2006. That is apparently enough to make 610 tons of Heroin. That represents about 92% of the worlds Opium supply(According to a U.N. Report). What's perhaps more interesting is that the Taliban, with help from the UN, had almost eliminated Opium production in Afghanistan in 2000-2001, prior to the US-led invasion. In 2001 Afghani Opium production was an estimated to be 185 tons. Which means (if my maths serve me correctly) that Afghani Opium production has increased 3,297% in 5 years! When you read this article, it soon becomes apparent why they do it.

So, everyone who supported the war in Afghanistan have supported: untold thousands of civilian deaths, massive increases in Heroin production worldwide and the resulting deaths & illness caused from it.


Christop on 13 May 2007 at 10:57 pm said...

There'd be a lot less deaths due to heroin if heroin was legalised.
This article, published in the Age last year, has some stuff about the effects of heroin on Afghanis, who are legally allowed to use heroin.


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