Thursday, 3 May 2007


Does anyone know what the protest up Swanston St. Melbourne was about yesterday? The tail of it was walking past just as I had to cross it. I couldn't see what they where protesting about though. My guess is either against Uranium mines (in which case it was pointless) or Industrial Relations (Again pointless, just vote Labor at the next election).

Anyways, good on them for protesting against whatever it was they didn't like about our Government. We're very lucky to have the right to disrupt daily life for thousands of people just because we have a gripe about something.

My only fear is that it fell on deaf ears.


Anonymous said...

I personally think that protesting is one of the only ways in which people strongly feel they are listened to and who cares about the people who's lives were disrupted I am sure one day out of 356 won't matter. It was probably for May day, in support of the unions. People who believe that a protest won't do anything are the ones that sit and yell at the tv and government for not fixing things in our society.


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