Saturday, 26 May 2007

Good Day

Today has been a really good day. A number of really good things have happened. Allow me to list them in chronological order.
  1. I was able to purchase the final parts I needed to complete my 2nd PC project.
  2. I defeated Aaron at squash for the first time this year. This broke a drought lasting 6 months from November last year. To play as well as I did today was satisfying.
  3. I saw this same Aaron spend well over 30 minutes messing around on a computer running a LINUX distro. The reason? He couldn't get a program to install. I wasn't amused by the fact he was frustrated, I was amused that even Linux will crash and not work sometimes for no reason. Thus showing that different to Windows isn't necessarily better.
  4. Was able to make some progress on 1 of the 3 assignments I have due this coming week.
  5. I watched the Bombers kick 3 goals in 5 minutes to come back and beat Richmond in a thriller at the MCG. I was worried at 3 quarter time, as Richmond are on the bottom of the ladder, so to lose to them would've been somewhat of a shock, it also would've greatly harmed Essendon's chances of seeing action in September.

I'm off to build a PC.


PI007 on 28 May 2007 at 8:37 am said...

Oh I tell you it will be on next time we play squash...I will be ready...

Turtle on 28 May 2007 at 5:09 pm said...

YOU WON! YOU ACTUALLY WON! And who said miracles didn't happen these days?

I could say "it's about time" but instead I will say well done to the both of you. And to Jonny for winning.

The intense rivalry continues...


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