Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Once the winter weather cleared away I once again took up riding to work. Replacing my bus ride with a bike ride. Now we all know the many benefits of regular exercise, but there's been one benefit to it that I didn't consider when I started riding to work. There's plenty of evidence out there that regular exercise has a positive impact on a persons mood and motivation and that has been my experience exactly.I've noticed this in several areas including:
  • Better ability to focus at work. (Compared to days I don't ride)
  • More motivation to get stuff done around the house when I'm home.
  • General mood etc. which has many benefits!
The icing on the cake for all this was this morning when I raced my bus into the city. So not only is it healthier, it's faster too.

If you've been thinking you should get more exercise, I encourage you to do it! It just might help you more than you imagine!

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