Thursday, 26 July 2007

Strange Celebrations

The people of Iraq finally have somthing (small as it may be ) to cheer about. With Iraq causing an upset to advance to the Asian (Soccer) Cup Final. They beat our boys along the way 3 - 1. Good on them I say, they need a source of pride at the moment.

But after all they've been through, I must question one of their methods of celebration. I can fully understand why shooting an AK-47 into the air would be a fun way to celebrate anything, but is it a smart thing to do in crowed places like towns and cities?
This newspaper is reporting the deaths of 8 people from celebratory gunfure & this news agency is saying at least 50 have been injured for the same reason. Why? Surely they need no education about the dangers of playing with high-powered rifles.
Imagine being the person that survived all through the reign of Saddam Hussein and then 4 years of sectarian violence, only to be killed by a celebratory bullet. I know I shouldn't laugh at others deaths, but the whole thing does seem quite ironic.



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