Sunday, 8 July 2007

Counter Terrorism Warming

A few random observations about various things, that most people probably aren't interested in:
  1. My visitor counter seems to have returned after a mysterious leave of absence. I did nothing to remove or bring back the counter. (Unfortunatly it's now showing that Aaron is more popular than me)
  2. Terror threat: If people delay/cancel any planned travel to Indonesia, does this hand victory to the terrorists regardless of if there is an attack or not?
  3. There's been a bit in the media about climate change recently for people from both sides of the fence. On the 'For' side we have the 'Live Earth' concerts which true to their name & cause are attempting to be the first major music event to be 'carbon-neutral'. On the 'Against' side: the ABC is screening a controversial documentary on Thursday which some scientists are claiming shouldn't be aired because it goes against the beliefs of the majority of the scientific community.
Are these the same scientists that say the teaching of creationism should be banned? Are these people that narrow minded that they belong to the Flat Earth Society? The people who originally flagged the idea of a round earth where ridiculed by the scientific community of the day. The debate on this issue, and any other like it should be encouraged and not suppressed. The media should give people the chance to hear alternate points of view, look into them and decide for themselves. Why are scientists sometimes so un-scientific?



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