Saturday, 20 January 2007

Good Cop, Bad Cop

So, I've lived in Ballarat for about 4 years & I've had my license for about 2. In that whole time, I've never been pulled over by the police or random breath-tested, or even been in a car when any of those things have happened. Likewise, I've spent most of the rest of my life in Kaniva (& lately around Bordertown lol) & never been pulled over or breath-tested around home.

BUT, last weekend on the way to Melbourne I was pulled over just as I was about to drive out of Horsham after checking out a bike part for Colin. I wasn't worried as I couldn't think of why they where doing it. Anyway the officer comes over and says something like "The reason we pulled you over was because of your back number plate." He then did the standard license and breath check. He was the good cop. He treated me like a person and explained why I needed to change the plates. The other one who was there went right around my car and started giving me the 'you're a P-Plater & therefore not human' attitude. He asked me questions like "How long you had the crack in your windscreen?" (What sort of a question is that?) & said "You're taking your life into your hands driving on those tires." He told me how it was a $130 for the poor numberplates & there was a recall from Vicroads 5 years ago for those plates etc etc.
In the end they gave me a minor canary (doesn't include a roadworthy thankfully) for the windscreen and the tires. Now, $360 later it's all fixed up again, kinda annoying, but money I had to spend eventually I guess.

My main issue: Police often get frustrated by the lack of respect given to the law by young people. Some officers then treat these young people the way I was treated by the 2nd Officer, showing little or no respect. Police then wonder why they in-turn are shown little or no respect by these young people who will often take this attitude towards Police for the rest of their lives.



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