Saturday, 20 January 2007

Cricket & Trampoline

The rest of last weekend was really awesome. We(Tiarnee & I) stayed at the Melbourne Metro YHA in North Melbourne. Me in a 4-bed male dorm. Tiarnee in a 4-bed female dorm. The cricket was great, we had awesome seats and Australia won. Not that that's unusual. So yeah, it was fun. Even Tiarnee enjoyed herself a bit once Australia was batting & the Mexican Waves had started up. Two funny things that happened where: Pietersen being hit in the ribs by a McGrath bouncer. A streaker (guy with shorts only on) running to the middle of the field and causing a policeman to fall over on the pitch before getting tackled to the ground. You don't see tackles that good at a game of footy.

Ummmm Saturday was shopping, at the Queen Victoria Market & the Bourke St. Mall, before heading out to some cafe in North Melbourne for tea & then into the city to Southbank. Speaking of Southbank, TRAMPOLINE IS SO GOOD!!!!! Honestly, the Ice-Cream they serve is comparable to Cold Rock in it's awesomeness. Not quite as good as Cold Rock, but the fact is they're on the same page and totally yum.

On Sunday, we went to the Melbourne Aquarium which is pretty cool. As was the view from the top of the Rialto tower. Ok, so not from the top. But from the observation deck.

But the biggest thing for me on the weekend was having prayer answered. Tiarnee prayed just after we left that God would teach us something over the weekend. The lesson? Forgiveness & pride. Tiarnee & I had an argument, which really wasn't cool. Looking back, we probably both over-reacted. But if we hadn't forgiven each other (You know when you have to do somthing you don't want to?) it would've turned a great weekend into a crap one fairly quickly.

In other news, I worked 38.5 hours this last week. A personal highest at IBM. Have worked all this week & am working next week before heading home on Australia Day. This Monday will mark the first occasion that I've ever worked on my birthday. I love having my birthday in January.



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