Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The quest for the Holy Grail

Last Friday at work I attained the ultimate in call-center work. I reached the pinnacle of my job. It will never better than it was on Friday. I may possibly never work a shift that good again in my entire life and because of this I almost resigned on the spot so I could do a 'Steve Bracks' and quit while I'm at the top. So what happened on Friday at work that was so awesome? I wasn't promoted, I didn't get a pay rise & my work was the same as any other day. So what happened? The answer: nothing. I attained the holy grail of IT support. No calls for my entire shift. Ok, so it was only a 2.5 hour shift, but I still got money for nothing. It will never get any better than that.

Thanks to APEC & the public holiday in Sydney, the calls where few and far between. I actually think that APEC was worth it because of the above, and the fact that the Chaser team got to stage a fake Canadian Motorcade. It certainly didn't achieve anything for the good of the planet. If only HECS & HELP debt repayments were "aspirational & non-binding."

Now stop typing Jonny, before you get angry that innocent people can get locked up overnight without legal recourse in THIS COUNTRY for accidentally crossing the road at the wrong time.



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