Monday, 5 March 2007


I've been sick since Friday night (head cold) so I've had the biggest nothing weekend ever. I've literally done almost nothing for the last 3 days. Hence the more numerous blog postings.

As a result of this I've been able to finish a book I started reading towards the end of the holidays. Without holding you in suspense any longer, the book was called "The War Against Truth" written by Paul William Roberts. This guy was in Baghdad before and during the First Gulf War (1990) & was also in and around Baghdad during the beginning of & aftermath of the Second Gulf (Iraq) War (2003) While I could (& yet may) write many things about what I read, perhaps my best summary of the book is: 'If you're in a really good mood & wish to get really, really angry, then go & read this book.' I can't do justice to the way this guy describes walking through a Baghdad Hospital that has run-out of medical supplies.

Honestly reading this account has made me ashamed to be an Australian. To think that our government went along with all the lies that the propaganda machine of Bush II sold makes me incredibly angry. I can't imagine what being an Iraqi must be like. What advantage has Australia or any country gained from this (or any) war. Or more to the point, what advantage has Australia or any country gained in supporting a war that has killed so many people in such a violent way.



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