Monday, 27 July 2009

Jumping on the Bandwagon

On the weekend I jumped on the bandwagon and joined twitter. Unfortunately, some twit had registered the names 'jonathandyer', 'jdyer' & 'jonnyd' and never posted a tweet on any of them. So I've got the name dyerjonathan. Still not too bad.

After I linked it up, I was able to add the twitter widget to blogger. On the right. (RSSers you'll have to imagine it.) I then added the Twitter widget to Facebook, so my status updates are always added to both. Finally, I added my feed to twitterfeed. So now, whenever I update my blog, all my Facebook & Twitter contacts can see it. Pretty cool.

The only thing missing is followers. So if you're on Twitter, follow me. Or leave me a comment here so I can follow you!

For the next Internet craze, I'm hoping to be a bit earlier to the plate. After being so late with Facebook & Twitter.



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