Saturday, 2 February 2008


So I'm officially an adult now. All grown up. Responsible. Mature. Educated. You know, all those things that society expects me to be.

I had my 21st party on Australia Day which was good fun. Approx. 50 people came, so it wasn't too huge. But the engagement party was the big one, so that was ok.
Speeches were given by:
  1. Graham - (father of a couple of my mates) said some really nice stuff about the friendships I've had with not just his kids, but others in the area.
  2. Tiarnee - Congratulated me on everything I'd achieved to date & reminded me of the big future I have in front of me& encouraged me to take opportunities as they arise. Was really nice and personal without being too gushy. Not that I would have minded.
  3. Dad - his favorite memories of my life & how I'm entering the big bad world now.
  4. Me - I thanked everyone for coming, especially the non-locals for traveling. I also stated about how my 21st was worth celebrating, because after 21 it is all down hill and everything that is good that can happen to a guy is happening to me this year. Because:
  • I'm starting work.
  • Getting my own place and furnishing it with my own stuff.
  • Getting a really good job and my own money.
  • Getting married.
  • I'm still young enough to enjoy all the above.
I then said something serious about how lucky I am and how I've been so blessed with everything around me.

Can life get any better than this?



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